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We're Insight Parrot, team of endlessly curious hustlers, opportunity obsessed, determined to help you stay ahead

what we      doing

Founded in 2020. London based with a global perspective, Insight Parrot’s mission is to supercharge your growth through uncovering new opportunities and being your eyes and ears on the market. Whether you are looking for a strategic partner to expand your product portfolio, an acquisition target to take advantage of synergies or just want to stay close to what your competitors are up to – we have what you are looking for.


We are focused specialist research & consulting partner with deep knowledge of the travel & tech industries, passionate about connecting the dots and bringing crisp, actionable insights at your fingertips.


The Insight Parrot explores thousands of data points and is on the lookout for trends that shape the forward curve of your industry to help you navigate the ever changing travel landscape and harness the potential of unfolding opportunities.

The job of the navigator is to see as far into the future as you can, to make decisions that are going to protect your crew and your vessel , and to make sure you’re going on the right path.

Lehua Kamalu

Stay ahead with Insight Parrot.

who we are

Alex Chalakov, Founder & CEO

Alex has a long-standing expertise in corporate strategy & development, new venture development, and growth initiatives. He also has a long record in forging & negotiating new strategic partnerships and identifying & developing high value acquisition targets.


Alex started his career in the technology sector where he was entrusted to develop a company from the ground up. From that point forward, his career has been a positive adventure that spans across multiple industries (travel, insurance, consumer goods, technology) and geographies. Thriving on the thrill of pursuit of untapped opportunities and curious about ideas that transform the world we live in, Alex is often seen as intrapreneur, relentlessly driving sustainable business growth and innovation enthusiast. As a lateral thinker, Alex combines a unique blend of quantitative & qualitative approach, strong commercial acumen, and pragmatic approach.


Alex holds a Bachelors in Finance and Banking Management from University of Piraeus, a Masters in General Management with Concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Vlerick Business School, and has completed the Negotiation Mastery programme at Harvard Business School.

what we love doing
who we are

our mission

we’re your eyes and ears on the market - we exist to help you navigate the ever changing landscape and harness the potential of unfolding opportunities

our promise

our passion to bring you crisp, actionable insights and help you stay one step ahead runs deep - we obsess over trends & opportunities and ground our work on thorough research

our merit

we embrace your ambition and put our soul into our work. 
we approach every project with a fresh set of eyes and at our core, we are nimble and double down on impact & results

let's connect

let's connect

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We're open to discussing new ideas, exciting trends and business opportunities to partner with you.

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